Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Wednesday Night Ride in DC

Cherry blossoms - this one's for you Mom! Snapped a shot on my way to the most awesome ride DC has to offer on a weeknight.
Cassie, Clifton and Lisa joined us for the ride. Here we all are crossing the 14th St. Bridge on our way to Arlington, VA.
The Route 1 Velo gang "pacelining" on the Mt. Vernon bike path just like little ducks in a row. 
The chicken demonstrating her winning style. She claims she got me at the city limit sign on the Memorial Bridge, but I'm not so sure.

Thanks to Route 1 Velo strongmen Mike, Travis, Jesse, Brandon for pulling me around and making me hurt! You guys rock. 


Chickin said...

I got you by a half a wheel. You know it. Admit it.

Ken Woodrow said...

Hmmm - looks like a flock of USAC RealRacers about to flush a Northeastern Trail Darter or maybe a Neon Thrush. Gotta check my Guide.

Chickin said...

Definitely a Neon Thrush.

goat said...

In your dreams, chicken.