Friday, February 29, 2008

Vanderkitten's Ophelia Tissue T

I've been living in my V-Kat T's and I just love the tuxedo kitty-kat. I'll bet Mr. Black is checkin' it out, too!

BH Bikes

I think BH has dialed it in - a carbon frame that feels stiff in the sprint, but is equally forgiving for long periods in the saddle. I love my bike; it rides even stiffer than the Specialized Tarmac I rode last year - and isn't it a sight for sore eyes!

Plus, Dave designed our kits to perfectly to match our bikes - pretty cool, huh?

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Santa Rosa

Jane Despas kickin' some ass

Quick Step setting Tom up for the sprint

Super Mario - my favorite!

More Pics

Mean Kitty-Kats

Andrea Peron joins us for the Petaluma ride. He literally pushed the chikin up hills at 15 mph, passing us like we were standing still.

The goat and Sandra Baby in Napa

The chikin aka 'Napa Domestique Extaordinairre'

Jenny, Dave and Racer - the cornerstone of Vanderkitten Racing

Mount Diablo and Petaluma

The 'chikin' en route Mount Diablo.
Many thanks to Liz Hatch for loaning out her baby !
Goofing off on Mount Diablo

The Summit photo - Jeanine, me, chicken, and Tayla (left to right)

Training Camp Pics

Sandra Baby whips up some pizzas for the Kitty-Kats
Melissa the Muscle gets aero
The new kits arrive!

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Training in the Bay Area

Hanan going up Old Tunnel Road
Grizzly Peak
Kittens descending
Heather and Jenny
The Bay!

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Vanderkitten Racing Gets Adjusted

Tom adjusts Moriah

After Tuesday's ride, we were fortunate enough to receive some much needed chiropractic. With the help of Tom Kano's treatment, we all felt a lot better. He combines traditional chiropractic with applied kinesiology using muscle energy and strength assessment techniques during his treatments. Now we're ready to rage some more. Thanks Tom!

Dr. Tom Kano
All About Health Clinic
1610 Oak Park Blvd. #2
Pleasant Valley, CA 94523

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Three Pigs and a Bear

Oh my God! What an awesome area. Team Vanderkitten got out on the road today in lovely Walnut Creek for a very hilly 3 1/2 hour ride. Everything was going well until the first hills and then everything started to hurt . . . a lot of hurt, to be exact. Liz, Leah, Moiriah, Heather, Sandra, Melissa, Sandra #2, David, Scott, Hanan, Jenny and I had a blast - even though I got dropped on every climb, I was able to hang in there for the most part on the downhills. We have a kick-ass team with so many strong, talented riders. I am so pumped so be a part of this! I wish I could have taken pictures along the way, but not at the pace we were riding. I was hanging on for dear life so picture-taking wasn't happening today. I did get some shots of the team after the ride at the local Starbuck's; ice lattes rock - yummy.

Sunday, February 3, 2008

Laura Wilson's "Kickin' The Tires" CD

Laura Wilson may be one of the kindest, coolest and most caring people I know. I have spent many a weekend with her mountain biking and climbing in the Colorado Rockies. Not only is she an avid outdoors person, but she is an excellent musician and budding philanthropist. She just released her first CD with all the proceeds going to the Rocky Mountain Alzheimer's Association. Check her out here performing at her CD release party benefit.

I love the whole CD - this is one of my favorites called "Cut and Dry"

This release is called "Love Me Don't"

Check out her site for more information!