Saturday, June 28, 2008

Wild and Wonderful _ _ _ _ Virginia?

The chikin and I were supposed to head up to WV for some R&R and some awesome riding, but some things came up and we couldn't. So we did the next best thing and drove up to Front Royal, VA for some hill intervals up Skyline Drive. What a blast! We saw Janelle Hubbard out there, too.

Chikin Butt
After the ride we were on our way home when Chikin spotted one of those signs with grapes on it. I knew we were in trouble, so to make up for us not going to WV, we stopped in at a couple of vineyards to check out the local juice. It was mighty tasty . . .
Just before the carnage began
Chikin sampling Rappahannock's Cabernet Franc
Not leaving empty-handed
Chikin at Cedar Cellars aka C2 just down the road from the other place . . . who needs Napa?
Here's me looking and feeling redneck.
Chikin demo-ing the new sea blue crocs

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Triple Crown of Racing

Originally I had meant to post this on my blog, but accidently it was posted to our team blog. The Triple Crown was a blast and a great chance to hang with my new fabulous team!