Sunday, June 15, 2008

Triple Crown of Racing

Originally I had meant to post this on my blog, but accidently it was posted to our team blog. The Triple Crown was a blast and a great chance to hang with my new fabulous team!


bethbikes said...

It works best on the team blog anyway! Ok, how about a new photo for your profile, there are enough of them out there now with you in your C3 garb. Did you see the one posted on Blacknell? Great pic!

Laura said...

You need to update your blog slacker woman!!! We will look forward to seeing you guys over Labor Day. We are not doing the Ascent until 2009 - no current qualifying time anymore. Ken and I are both up for going with you guys on Blanca, Ellingwood, and Little Bear. We have a new pet sitter and should be able to get away. Janelle asked me about you yesterday at work. Have a good weekend!

Laura said...

Did you get an iPhone yet?