Thursday, July 17, 2008

Adventures with Tickhead

This week we are taking care of Tickhead aka Rena, Jenn and Bill's dog. We took her along with us to West Virginia, to give Pilar a hand with some chores and relax in the country. 
Rena and Maya made friends immediately. They chased sticks, swam and hiked all weekend.
We hiked with Gabriella and the dogs.
Rena and Gabriella hanging out.
BJ and Gabriella 
Filling the pool for Gabriella - I see some chicken feet in the fore front.

Rena and Maya


Anathea said...

I think we're living in parallel universes - I'm now dogsitting for friends racing at IM LP, so now I've got TWO Irish named dogs instead of just ONE. Thankfully, I haven't had to rename Riley "Tickhead!" Looks like some great hiking, and hope to see you on Sunday!!

Laura said...

Great photos. Maya is looking svelte. How is the new iPhone?