Thursday, March 6, 2008

Dogs, Goats, and Chickadees

Mountain Chickadee

Po-Po and Puppers

Jay and Audrey's next-door neighbor in West Virginia, James, has lots of goats and a sweet dog named Beagle-Pup or Puppers. Po-Po (Pony) belongs to Audrey and Jay. She is also a sweet dog; I believe she's a shepherd-mix.

The WV goats remind me of these goats we met on Grays and Torres. They were mangy and liked to eat rocks.


dj cyclone said...

Pony and BP (Beagle Pup/Puppers) appreciate the recognition and that all their hard work has not gone unnoticed. Pony would also like to step up and acknowledge her Pit heritage of which she is quite proud. They are also proud of your cycling progress and like that one of their crew has made it to the national level. Them being old schoolers they will probably keep things off road and concentrate on "unsanctioned" events but don't think that diminishes their fitness as they are always ready to "put it into second and go!"

goat said...

Maybe BP and Pony can "put their form in the bank" and save it for later in the season.

dj cyclone said...

BP and Pony not only put their form in the bank, they also max out in the moment like only true animals can, just a few of the many paradoxes they posess and revel in routinely without even knowing it - btw Mr. Black has been MIA for sometime now presumably on tom catting missions - we think/hope anyway - in the meantime the heated front porch bedding remains warming

goat said...

BTW - 'whoops sorry' is getting married. Ran into 'form in the bank' yesterday and he told me.