Monday, March 3, 2008

"Russell the Muscle" Langley

After riding Arlington with Jenn Maxwell, the chicken and I ran into Russ last night and we headed over to Finn's for some Belgian brews. Needless to say, one beer turned into . . . I forgot . But we had a blast and got some great racing tips from the one and only 'Baby Daddy."


dj cyclone said...

that ain't workin that's the way you do it

dj cyclone said...

oh yea, and appreciate the caption - was at first confused trying to figure out what Mark McGrath was doing on a cycling page

Anna said...

Give me a call next time! I'd love to tag along!

Leigh said...

sonja, when you come down to the ATL for the SE crits, we'll take you to the best pub in the universe...the one and only Brickstore, located conveniently within stumbling distance of our place!

check it:

see you soon! =)