Sunday, February 3, 2008

Laura Wilson's "Kickin' The Tires" CD

Laura Wilson may be one of the kindest, coolest and most caring people I know. I have spent many a weekend with her mountain biking and climbing in the Colorado Rockies. Not only is she an avid outdoors person, but she is an excellent musician and budding philanthropist. She just released her first CD with all the proceeds going to the Rocky Mountain Alzheimer's Association. Check her out here performing at her CD release party benefit.

I love the whole CD - this is one of my favorites called "Cut and Dry"

This release is called "Love Me Don't"

Check out her site for more information!


Chickin said...

Laura's CD rocks!

dj cyclone said...

Laura Wilson sounds pretty good but I hear RAMBLING SHADOWS are levitating mountains in Lost River