Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Three Pigs and a Bear

Oh my God! What an awesome area. Team Vanderkitten got out on the road today in lovely Walnut Creek for a very hilly 3 1/2 hour ride. Everything was going well until the first hills and then everything started to hurt . . . a lot of hurt, to be exact. Liz, Leah, Moiriah, Heather, Sandra, Melissa, Sandra #2, David, Scott, Hanan, Jenny and I had a blast - even though I got dropped on every climb, I was able to hang in there for the most part on the downhills. We have a kick-ass team with so many strong, talented riders. I am so pumped so be a part of this! I wish I could have taken pictures along the way, but not at the pace we were riding. I was hanging on for dear life so picture-taking wasn't happening today. I did get some shots of the team after the ride at the local Starbuck's; ice lattes rock - yummy.


Chickin said...

3 pigs and a bear? I don't get it. Maybe 3 pigs and a big bad wolf. So how badly did you get dropped on those climbs? Did you beat Dave on the downhills?

Liz Hatch said...

So glad you're at camp!!!
And don't forget to mention you schooled us all descending! :)

See you for more fun tomorrow.