Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Vanderkitten Racing Gets Adjusted

Tom adjusts Moriah

After Tuesday's ride, we were fortunate enough to receive some much needed chiropractic. With the help of Tom Kano's treatment, we all felt a lot better. He combines traditional chiropractic with applied kinesiology using muscle energy and strength assessment techniques during his treatments. Now we're ready to rage some more. Thanks Tom!

Dr. Tom Kano
All About Health Clinic
1610 Oak Park Blvd. #2
Pleasant Valley, CA 94523


Lorena said...

Hey Sonja - looks like you're having a blast! And who decided to get a team chiropractor? Genius.
You picked a good week to go to CA. The weather here SUCKS this week.

bethbikes said...

Hey girlfriend, I didn't know you were bloggin! Awesome. Now I can follow your new "career", especially after I move up to NY.
Kick some ass.