Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Kinesiotape - The Magic Tape

W checkin' out the volleyball chics, I mean the tattoo and tape 

I love the Olympics! I especially love all the kinesiotape the athletes are using - from beach volleyball, to water polo, to the chicken and the Major, oh yeah, but they aren't in the Olympics. The stuff really works. Check it out.


Anathea said...

What exactly IS he doing there? Anyway, I think the tape is even more magic when Sonja puts it on!

gwadzilla said...

I am no fan of Bush
hold on... that came out wrong

I read what happened there...

the beach volleyball players slap each other on the butt after a good play or a good effort

so this women got down in the service receive position
offering the president a chance to give her a slap
and well...
rather than get shit for slapping her on her ass with his palm
he gave her a pat on her back with the back of his hand

lots of lovely ladies in the olympics!

saturday is going to be exciting!
(mountain biking in the olympics!)

gwadzilla said...

if I put some of that tape on my forehead

will it make me smarter?

goat said...

Misty says 'W' was aiming for her tattoo - whatever.

Kinesiotape will increase you IQ by 50 points minimum.

PEANUT said...

Should i now call you grandergoat on my blog or leave it as granderkitten?

gwadzilla said...

saw this... and thought of you
hope my thinking of you does not offend you


goat said...

Nice article, Gwads. I guess that explains W trying to get in on the action.

Peanut, grandergoat, granderkitten - It's all good.

I really enjoy reading both of you guy's blogs. Thanks!