Friday, August 1, 2008

Ranger the Diving Dog meets the White Menace

This post is for Chikin since she thinks I need to blog:

So we're taking care of the WM again - seems like just yesterday that we were watching her. I have decided that she really is a good dog, that is when she is off leash in a remote, isolated wooded place with no one around. I usually take her to such places to wear her out, plus it is so much fun to watch her go mad for the fetch!

We ran into this box turtle on the trail. He wasn't too thrilled with the dog and wouldn't come out for the photo.
After hiking a bit, we met Ranger at one of out favorite watering holes. Notice how he is putting his head underwater. His owner Victoria say that he doesn't like to fetch balls or sticks - he only likes to dive for rocks, the bigger the better. She says he blows bubbles and can hold his breath for over 10 seconds. I was so impressed I took pictures, but they don't do justice to his underwater abilities. 
More 'diving' for rocks. Wonder if he does mussels - or fish?
We left Ranger and decided to try swimming up the rapids. There are blackberries at the other end of this, but they were all 'picked' by something. Too bad. Also, I dropped my new Iphone in the water here. I pulled it out and dried it off and it seems to be working so far. We'll see. Me and the Chikin plan to hang with some of our C3-Sollay teammates this weekend for some casual racing in PA. We'll take the WM with us to add some excitement to the trip.

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HAPPY BIRTHDAY a belated wish since I was slammed all week at work!!