Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Little Bear to Blanca Traverse

With Laura and Chicken home on the IRL, Ken and I decided to go ahead and drive up the Blanca road aka "the toughest 4WD road in Colorado" to do Little Bear, Blanca and Ellingwood, hopefully in one fell swoop. My Yoda did awesome, as usual, and got us really close to Jaws I, significantly shortening our heavy pack slog to Como Lake.

Ken the pack mule
Class 4 on the Northwest Face of Little Bear. Ken has never done anything harder than Class 2, but the exposure, loose rock and technical difficulties didn't seem to bother him much. He's just a natural!
Ken scaling the first part of the Little Bear/Blanca connecting ridge
This part of the ridge was rotten and loose. We really enjoyed that. It was a real thrill, plus the exposure was spectacular, as well.
Ken is one happy guy. That's Little Bear in the background. Way to go, Ken!


Chickin said...

Is that my shirt you've got on, Goat???

goat said...

yes those are chickin feathers I've got on. I really like them.